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Monday, July 19, 2010

Local Law No. "D" For 2010 Banning the sale of drop side cribs in Albany County.

The Albany County Legislature finds that drop side cribs have more moving parts than cribs with 4 fixed sides, leading to a higher risk of separation of one side of the crib from the others and higher rates of other crib malfunctions and that frequently parents unaware that their drop side crib has become unsafe because the cribs hardware malfunctions in a way that can not be readily detected.
The Legislature further finds that malfunctioning drop side cribs have been the cause of 3 infant deaths and many injuries across the united states in the past 2 years and that injuries and deaths resulting from from the use of drop side cribs have resulted in increased investigations and 5 recalls by the federal government public safety commission, involving more than 3 million cribs.
The purpose of this law is to ban drop side cribs in Albany County to protect our children.
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